10g Snow Duck Shit 雪鴨屎香

A Long

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Winter-harvested Phoenix oolongs have thinner leaves than the more robust Spring harvest, and are therefore subject to a lighter oxidation and roasting process, giving them a greener color and more floral fragrance. They are given the prefix 雪 meaning "snow". Not all cultivars of Phoenix oolong are good as a winter harvest, but Duck Shit, the classic varietal with the amusing name, make an exemplary winter tea. The yield of the winter harvest is much lower and it is highly dependent on the weather - some years, no winter harvest of any quality can be obtained. When a winter harvest is forthcoming, we try our best to acquire some Winter Duck Shit, as it ends up being one of the most aromatic examples of Phoenix Single Bush Oolong, with bold notes of honeysuckle and jasmine. This outstanding speciment of winter-harvested Duck Shit is hand-roasted with longan-wood charcoal by 4th generation Phoenix tea master A Long in the traditional style. Its Qi is fluid and bright, and quite stimulating.