10g Ultra Violet 紫外紅茶

Li Shulin

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Ultra Violet (紫外紅茶, Zǐ Wài Hóng Chá, "Ultraviolet Red Tea") - This tea is made from the leaves of the Zǐ Juān 紫娟 (“Purple Grace”) varietal of the Pu'er tea plant. Prized for its exquisite color, medicinal qualities, and powerful, euphoric Qi, this tea takes on a warm and sensual dimension when oxidized in the style of Sun-Dried Red. This tea has a musky aroma with notes of fresh red grape skin and a sweet and refreshing flavor reminiscent of dark berries and plum.

2 Reviews

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    Posted by Seth on Jan 3rd 2023

    I got this tea as a sample in my order and I finished it without hesitation. I very much love how unique this tea is. You see "mushroom" as a tasting note in shu puer at times, but not often with a red tea, though when drinking this tea the flavor notes stayed consistent mushroom broth, stir-fried mushrooms, miso soup and oil. Grateful for the sample, and for the wonderful tea.

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    Ultra Violet (A soft Red)

    Posted by Romee St John on Apr 27th 2022

    Product was shipped promptly and arrived in perfect condition. Ultra Violet has a softer and more subtle flavor compared to red teas I have tried in the past. While the earthy and cocoa flavors are present, they quickly give way to a pleasant oat and caramel flavor. I got 6 or 7 steepings of this tea before it began weakening. I would also like to note that halfway through drinking this tea I began to feel the energy boost I've come to associate with high quality loose leaf teas. I gave the tea 4/5 stars because of some leaf crumbs I found in the bag, but by and large this tea was very satisfying and well worth the price.