30g Ultra Violet 紫外紅茶

Li Shulin

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Ultra Violet (紫外紅茶, Zǐ Wài Hóng Chá, "Ultraviolet Red Tea") - This tea is made from the leaves of the Zǐ Juān 紫娟 (“Purple Grace”) varietal of the Pu'er tea plant. Prized for its exquisite color, medicinal qualities, and powerful, euphoric Qi, this tea takes on a warm and sensual dimension when oxidized in the style of Sun-Dried Red. This tea has a musky aroma with notes of fresh red grape skin and a sweet and refreshing flavor reminiscent of dark berries and plum.

1 Review

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    Warm and comforting

    Posted by Henry on Nov 21st 2021

    As an american tea drinker, having begun my journey into the world of different types of tea, coming back to a red tea is like coming home. Warm and comforting, It offers that familiar taste and feel, while still hinting at what these leaves could be if they were processed differently. Balanced between teas who's flavor is so subtle that you have to search for it and teas so potent, you fear you may have steeped it too long.