357g 2003 Oh Tree Sheng Pu'er Bing 生普洱茶餅

Li Shulin

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357.00 Grams

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Oh Tree 2003 Sheng Pu'er Bing (哦樹生普洱茶餅, Ó Shù Shēng Pǔ'ěr Chá Bǐng, "Oh Tree Sheng Pu'er Tea Bing") - A dark, mature, dry-stored Sheng Pu'er bing from Nannuo Mountain. It is reminiscent of our loose-leaf Sheng Ling Ling, and overlaps chronologically with it. This bing was sourced for us by Li Shulin from among his tea-farming colleagues and family on Nannuo Mountain. The source material for this tea was aged loose for 18 years before being pressed for us in October of 2021. Li sourced this tea for us following the loss of his aged tea stock to a fire. It’s mellow, dark, creamy, and complex with notes of wet earth, spice, and antique cabinetry. An outstanding and deeply satisfying Sheng Pu'er, and the oldest bing we’ve ever sold.