200g 2017 Dark Step Jingmai Sheng Pu'er Bing 烏步景邁生普洱餅

Li Shulin

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2017 Dark Step Jingmai Sheng Pu'er Bing (烏步景邁生普洱餅, Wū Bù Jǐng Mài Shēng Pǔ'ěr Bǐng, "Dark Step Jingmai Sheng Pu'er Bing") - A beautiful cake made from material from Jingmai Mountain near Pu'er City, about 2 hours north of Nannuo Mountain. Composed of large, whole, dark leaves, this cake has a multi-layered profile with both sweet and bitter notes that unfolds and evolves on the palette. Though only 6 years old as of the time of this description, it has a surprisingly mature flavor characteristic of dry-stored Yunnan pu'er. Mellow with low astringency, this tea is a textbook example of what a sheng pu'er made from high-grade starting material becomes as it ages. Ready to drink as is, it will only continue to deepen in character as it ages.

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    great entry into aged bings

    Posted by Henry J McLean on Oct 18th 2023

    Fresh Puer is like a child: energetic, wild, a little abrasive, but worth taking the time to get to know. Add a few years and a young aged puer starts to try to figure out what it is, it's purpose in life... It hasn't fully aged yet, but you can see the potential. This cake is a great way to experience what aging has to offer, without spending a huge amount of money. It's young enough to still give you a bit of the bite the fresh puer has, but it's much more relaxed and confident in what it brings to the session.