200g Gold Leaf Huang Pian Sheng Bing

Li Shulin

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200.00 Grams

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Gold Leaf Huang Pian Sheng Bing (黃金葉 Huángjīn yè "Gold Leaf") - An especially rich 200 gram bing of Nannuo Mountain big tree Huang Pian from 2022. Huang Pian means "yellow leaves" and refers to the mature leaves that are picked after the peak season. Traditionally favored by tea farmers who reserve the premium early pick for customers, Huang Pian is more mellow in flavor and has less bitterness and astringency than earlier harvests. This 200 gram cake demonstrates a unique profile, with a complex bouquet of earthy, sweet aged-wood fragrances and a strong cooling sensation in the throat (喉韻 Hóu yùn)