2018 Hildegard Von Bingen Shu Pu'er

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357.00 Grams

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This bing of shu pu'er came to us by mistake, along with her brother Stanley Nübrick, and we decided to adopt them both. Originally intended for a different client, our logistics company assumed they were for us and mistakenly shipped us 5 tongs of this tea.

A very dark, sweet, and earthy pu'er, this tea is most likely from a small factory and made from a blend of several different teas from different mountains. Its label says Jin Ya 金芽 meaning "golden bud", referring to early spring pu'er that has a high proportion of immature leaf buds. These golden buds can be seen on the surface of the bing itself.

We probably won't be getting any more of these once they're gone, so we named it Hildepu'er von Bingen in honor of the Medieval polymath and Saint. 

We generally like to focus on single-farm teas, but that means that our tea tends to be more expensive than a lot of other teas. This is a great daily drinker that we can offer to people for an affordable price.