2019 Stanley Nübrick Shu Pu'er

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1,000.00 Grams

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This one kilogram brick of very dark shu pu'er is part of a shipment of pu'er that was sent to us by mistake, (along with Hildepu'er von Bingen) by our logistics company in Shenzhen. It was supposed to go to another customer and while we aren't actually obligated to pay for it, we turned out to really like both teas so we gave them throw-away names and made products for them so we can compensate our shipping company for compensating their clients.

These bricks are wrapped in a generic wrapper that says "Lao Banzhang" 老班章, referring to tea from Banzhang Mountain in Xishuangbanna, only a few hours from Nannuo Mountain where we get most of our pu'er. Lao Banzhang has a reputation for ancient tree sheng pu'er that is characteristically bitter and famously expensive. This tea is almost certainly not that - real Banzhang tea is usually processed as sheng (green, as opposed to fermented) to preserve its distinct character, and these bricks are not nearly expensive enough to be real Banzhang. Most likely, based on the credentials stamped on the back (which do not claim the tea is from Banzhang Mountain), it is a blend of tea from not-famous mountains in Xishuangbanna. 

Based on the price and the profile I'd say they're small factory teas, made with material blended from several different mountains to produce a very dark, smooth pu'er. While it may not have the distinctive character of a single-farm tea like the ones we source from Li Shulin, it does have a capacity for opacity that reminds me of the dark, funky shu pu'er I grew up drinking at Cantonese restaurants as a child in Houston, and that I cut my teeth on on the West Coast in the early 2000's. 

If you like dark pu'er and want a good everyday drinker, you've found your brick.