2021 Meadow Lark Sheng Pu'er 草甸白領

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357.00 Grams
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Meadowlark 2021 Sheng Pu'er 草甸白領 Cǎo diàn báilǐng - This autumn-harvested Sheng Pu Er is one of several teas made by family members of Li Shulin, following the loss of his tea stock to a fire in September 2021. Harvested in October of 2021, it is a very fresh tea and as of the time of this description has a bright, pronounced floral bouquet with a back-of-the-tongue bitterness that is not unpleasant if you like bitter. As it ages, the bitterness will mellow and the fragrance will likely attain notes of hay, straw, oak, leather, tobacco, and earth, in that order, but only time will tell.