250g 2007 Groundbreaking Shu Pu'er Brick 破土磚

Li Shulin

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250.00 Grams

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2007 Groundbreaking Shu Pu'er Brick (破土磚, Pò Tǔ Zhuān, "Break Ground Brick") - This 250-gram small-pile (fermented) Shu Pu'er brick is made from leaves grown in 2007. A blend of two different fermentation piles, it has a smooth mouthfeel and rich, earthy flavor. This brick has some of the mossy log notes reminiscent of Liu Bao. The mellow flavor resulting from the blending of two different batches results in a tea with a broadly-defined flavor profile as opposed to more specific tasting notes - just a brick of some old fashioned funky Pu'er. 

2 Reviews

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    2007 Groundbreaking Shu

    Posted by Robert Odum on May 3rd 2021

    I received this is my monthly subscription . This does taste like a very good Liu Bao. I'm only on my second infusion and can tell that this will be a tea I'll drinking all day. I think I'll order a brick when my stash of Liu Bao runs out. Very nice.

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    Excellent tea!!

    Posted by Zeca on May 1st 2021

    This tea is incredible. And a great value. This is my daily tea now.