30g 2009 Rain Butter 雨油熟茶

Li Shulin

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2009 Rain Butter (雨油熟茶, Yǔ Yóu Shú Chá, "Rain Butter Ripe Tea") - This tea is a 2009 vintage Xiǎo Duī Zi 小堆子 (“Small Pile”) Shu Pu'er from Nannuo Mountain. Small pile fermentation is a small-scale version of the traditional Wò Duī 渥堆 (“Moistening and Piling”) technique used to produce Shu Pu'er in the factory setting. Using smaller quantities of single-farm tea necessitates modifications in the process to account for the differing dynamics of a small pile. This particular batch is so named because it has a smooth, buttery mouthfeel and an aroma evocative of petrichor, the smell of the earth when it rains. This tea’s more-than-10 years of age have given it a potent, grounding and mature Qi with smooth, robust macadamia and hazelnut notes atop leathery peat and earth flavors. This tea may be brewed espresso thick without becoming bitter.

1 Review

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    2009 Rain Butter

    Posted by Nicholas Depirro on Dec 21st 2020

    Apprehensive at first sight as I ordered this by mistake. I am not a fan of Shou Puerh. That being said. This is truly a unique Shou puerh. Ive tried many & I have yet to find one I enjoy. Well now I have. Dry leaf smells of old books, Mulch, Leather & organic peat. Wet Leaves smell of more the same. My first infusion.; Smooth as anticipated, a unique interesting sweetness lingering on my touch, no dryness, super smooth, velvety, buttery finish, leaves you wanting another sip, sip after sip. This is indeed the best shou puerh I have ever encountered. By accident and I am happy because I thoroughly enjoyed this tea. I suggest everyone try it out. Give it a shot if you don't like shou puerh you will be surprised for sure. This is incredible shou puerh. Totally honest unbiased review from the heart. I will continue throughout these last infusions. What a unique shou puerh. Im literally mindblown on this one. This is what I've been waiting to encounter and I've found it...