30g 1990 Lao Cong 老欉

Lin Yaobin

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30.00 Grams

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1990 Lao Cong (老欉, Lǎo Cóng, "Old Bush") - Though the term Lǎo Cóng 老欉 (“Old Bush”) often designates tea from old plants - similar to the term Gǔ Shù 古樹 ("Ancient Tree") used for Yunnan Pu'er tea trees - in this case Lǎo Cóng is the name of the breed. Oolongs do not necessarily improve with age the way that white teas and Pu'ers do; only certain varietals benefit from the oxidation and eventual fermentation that comes with time, and only in the care of an experienced tea master who can re-roast the tea as necessary. This batch of Lǎo Cóng is half of a commission taken in 1990 by Phoenix tea master Lin Yaobin’s father. Ultimately, only half the original order was purchased, and the rest was stored in the Lin family home, to be discovered more than a decade later. Multiple re-roasts of the batch since then have deepened the charcoal, caramel character of this tea, while nearly 3 decades of age have given it a spicy fragrance with leather and tobacco notes.