30g Amanita 紅因

Lin Yaobin

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Amanita (紅因, Hóng Yīn, "Red Cause") - Hóng Yīn refers to the mushroom Amanita, and this tea is one of the ancestral breeds that lends its genetics to the rest of the Phoenix oolongs. Descended from the foundational oolong varietal - called, incidentally, Wū Lóng 烏龍 ("Oolong") - Amanita gave rise to the varietal Shuǐ Xiān, which is the direct ancestor of the 10 original breeds of Phoenix Oolong. Being an ancestral strain, it has a bouquet of complex floral and fruit notes, presumably the genetic source material for the multitude of Phoenix breeds with their specific and narrowly-defined fragrances.

2 Reviews

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    fungi fruit forest!

    Posted by Jim Veteto on Mar 20th 2023

    Nevermind they named it after the most dangerous mushroom genus on the planet. In season, I can step outside my off-grid Appalachian tiny hut, walk 50 feet, munch a few, and be dead within fifteen minutes. A likely culprit in that case would be Amanita bisporigera; the ‘destroying angel’ in common parlance. The Chinese, however, are smart enough not to name something delicious after something so toxic. There are edible species I’m told, but I choose not to fool with them at risk of shortening my trip upon this chunk of hurtling rock. Perhaps its namesake is Amanita muscaria, fly agaric, the shroom Siberian shamans use to travel the stars. High risk, high reward sort of chap. Tea is more comforting and less intensely altering, a forgiving and sublime entheogenic hostess. After first rinse, engulfing rising vapor from yixing clay, the nosefeel is indescribable in human language. Or such words as I possess. ‘The Dao that can be named is not the Dao.’ Ancient primordial earth is the only thing I can seem to utter that comes close. Tingly little energy spell-lets dancing around the edges; yet, this is a smell?! Maybe this tea does have more in common with the famed fly agaric….beyond that, and trying to keep some sense of reality resemblances loosely intact….the tea exhibits both fruit and floral characteristics, to which I would add a dash of tang & minerality. Wait for the High Mountain feeling three or four cups in and enjoy lift-off. It’s nice up here. Amongst the clouds. Mushroom country awaits.

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    Amanita Phoenix Oolong

    Posted by Neil Miller on Oct 11th 2020

    The Amanita presents a beautiful balance of the distinctive fruit and floral characteristics I find overbearing in single-bush Dancong varietals. Kudos and thanks to So Han for challenging me to reconsider my opinions.