30g Behind the Ditch 凹浦後

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Behind the Ditch (凹浦後, Āo Pǔ Hòu, "Ditch Behind") - This tea is a relatively recent addition to the Phoenix oolong pantheon. It is so named because the mother tree quite literally grows behind a ditch, this became the only way of identifying this novel, local breed. The Phoenix Mountains are full of feral tea plants grown from seeds, all genetically distinct. Any given tree has the potential to become the mother tree of an entirely new varietal if it is selected for cloning. Enterprising tea masters often will seek out these exceptional feral plants in the hopes of breeding a unique varietal. Behind the Ditch Fragrance is characterized by a deep vibrant mouthfeel and a molasses sweet aftertaste. Its intensity on the palette is reflected in its Qi which, along with its complex and enigmatic fragrance, has led to its recent popularity.