30g Inner Sun Bing 十香鬆腱白茶餅

Heng Yi

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30.00 Grams

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Inner Sun Bing (十香鬆腱白茶餅, Shí Xiāng Sōng Jiàn Bái Chá Bǐng, "Ten Fragrance Tendon-Relaxing White Tea Bing") Mabian Tea Master Heng Yi is one of the most innovative tea farmers and tea masters I’ve met. In addition to experimenting constantly with new plants, new breeds, new ways of harvesting and processing tea, he is always improving his existing processes and developing new teas from his existing profile. This may be done at the agricultural level - by separating different patches, different peaks, the sunny or shady side of the hill, and by separating and blending different “races” of wild tea plants found in the mountains of Mabian in central Sichuan. This tea represents the most refined and rarefied example of Heng Yi’s craft in white tea, selected from the highest altitude wild plants in his purview. This 200g bing is made from the choicest early pick of this incredibly deep but delicate tea. This fresh tea has a rich, buttery body with the fragrance of macadamia nut. The pressing, and early pick, of this bing give it an additional floral complexity.