30g Lychee Gummy Yellow Tea 都勻黃茶

Du Yun

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Lychee Gummy Yellow Tea (都勻黃茶, Dūyún Huáng Chá, "Duyun Yellow Tea") - One of our all-time favorite teas. Yellow teas have become increasingly rare in China due to the demanding hand-processing necessary to achieve the light oxidation that is their defining characteristic. This delicious and energizing yellow tea hails from Duyun, a region in Guizhou famed for its unspoiled beauty and pristine environment. Although Guizhou teas are not generally well-known outside Guizhou, the teas of Duyun are beginning to receive national recognition for their excellence. This soft, downy, early-spring yellow tea has the unmistakable aroma of the eponymous Lychee-flavored gummy candies from Asia. For those of you who haven't tried those, expect a bright, fruity flavor with notes of rose, white grape, and a bouquet of floral high notes. It yields a beautiful, soft yellow liquor with a smooth, buttery mouthfeel.

1 Review

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    lychee lady brings the goods

    Posted by Jim Veteto on Mar 3rd 2023

    My only trip to China we flew over the North Pole from NYC and landed some 17 hours later in Guangzhou. Late June, the city was choked in haze at over one-hundred degrees. My son and I ‘dazed and confused for so long it’s not true.’ Huge airport. Eventually we found our way over to the terminal connection toward Kunming and sat down to wait. An older Chinese couple and their grandkid (particularly) eyed us curiously. Admittedly, we deserved it. He with his punk-rock snowcone-colored hair and me looking every-bit Sasquatch to the untrained Chinese eye. We were to be a curiosity wherever we traveled, which made it kinda of fun. It wasn’t five minutes before the elderly man timidly approached us with an open plastic bag filled with fresh-picked lychee fruits, beckoning and gesturing wordlessly for us to partake. Those must have been the most delicious fruits on Mother Earth at that moment of two-day lost sleep. Our taste buds exploded fragrant waterfalls. I will forever associate lychee with the infinite and eternal kindness, eloquence, and graciousness of the Chinese people and culture. I do get Lychee off this lovely yellow. It felt stronger in the 2021 batch to the 2022 batch on my palette. Some up front, building on the aftertaste. Beyond that, I find the Qi fresh and bright. Brew gently, as some bitters can form, but don’t need to be there, according to your tastes. If you’ve had a festive night previous, see if this lychee lady doesn’t mute the effects of alcohol and heavy food particularly well. I really love to brew it in my jade mutton fat Xishi teapot with lily-white cups. Yes ma’am.