30g Mabian Gan Lu 馬邊甘露

Heng Yi

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30.00 Grams

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Mabian Gan Lu (馬邊甘露, Mǎ Biān Gān Lù, "Mabian Sweet Dew") is a high grade of early-spring, tippy green tea originating in the Mengding Mountains of Sichuan. This unique version of Gan Lu is an opus by Mabian tea master Heng Yi using material from wild tea trees. As opposed to feral trees that were planted by humans and left to become wild, the wild teas of Mabian are scattered throughout the forest and are more foraged than grown. Heng Yi also produces our Welcoming Spring and Esmeralda green teas, and this Gan Lu represents the finest green tea we acquire from him. Made up of downy buds, this green tea yields a pale jade liquor that has a delicate floral perfume and can be steeped at a full boil without becoming bitter. It has a heady and pervasive qi that can be felt at once.