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Osmanthus Fragrance (桂花香, Guì Huā Xiāng, "Osmanthus Flower Fragrance") - One of the ten original Phoenix oolongs, this tea takes its name from the Osmanthus flower, a species of olive, and one of the most celebrated of Chinese flowers. Like many of the other Phoenix lineages, Osmanthus Fragrance is named after a flower, though it does not contain any flowers in it, nor is it scented. Some Phoenix Oolongs are so evocative of celebrated flowers that they are named after them. This lightly-roasted, low-oxidation oolong has an unmistakable sweet floral fragrance, with delicate notes of apple and pear. Osmanthus Fragrance is a great introduction to Phoenix Oolongs as a category because it is more forgiving than the higher-oxidized varieties and its delicate floral fragrance makes it accessible even to new tea drinkers.

2 Reviews

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    Posted by Jim Veteto on Feb 13th 2023

    Initial scent in the pot, first steep, seems heavier roasted than a lot of the Phoenix oolongs I am familiar with, before it starts to rinse off. Beautiful orange-tinted liquor, just south of brown. Three or four steeps in, florals hop in the drivers seat, taking the wheel of my nosefeel. I haven’t smelled an osmanthus flower in years, so I’ll trust the Chinese generations in Guangdong on that. And flash their progeny an ethnobotanical smile. First sip, tasting that earthy roast in its fading coals, winter morning. Slim tang is there too, then building florals on exhale as the session takes shape. Third cup in, tingles start. They begin in my feet and don’t stop until I have to take off my black felt cowboy hat in deference to the welcome fact that I am now ‘mountain high.’ Or at least experiencing the Phoenix ‘high mountain feeling’ I’ve heard rumors about. Good thing, as elevationally I’m about as high as you can climb in Eastern North America and still grow tea. It really is a sublime entheogenic buzz. For the occasional special session, pair with a bit of cannabis enhancement and see if you don’t end up writing songs or poems. Once you reach the high mountains, it’s no longer your show. Surrender to the vistas. The tingles. And Oh those florals, as they build up, ontop of steady-not-overwhelming minerality. That scent can take you places. Invite a friend over; or your mom. Lay waste to the morning in the company of this fine dancong oolong, absorbing blue mountains sauntering their slow waltz as the bright sun makes its way across southern horizons.

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    Coming Back to It

    Posted by Kat M. on Mar 13th 2021

    Usually when I get ready to make tea, I go through my collection and see what appeals to me. This is one of the few teas that has made me head right for the bag, rather than waiting until I stumble upon it. The flavor is unique, and I love how it smells. I’ve done as many as a dozen brews from one serving — it starts a little astringent, and ends with a blossom sweetness on the final pours.