30g Tea Seeds 白茶子

Zhang Shifang

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Tea Seeds (白茶子, Bái Chá Zi, "White Tea Seeds") - The custom of drinking a tonic made from boiled tea seeds is a traditional practice in the mountains of Fuding, Fujian, the home of white tea. Unlike the large Kumquat-sized seeds of the Big Leaf plants of Yunnan, Fujianese white tea plants produce very small seeds. The seeds used for drinking are harvested while they are still immature, before the are viable, and are roughly the size of a large peppercorn. Though they can be steeped, they are generally boiled to obtain their full flavor. The resulting liquor is golden brown and is imbued with some of the sweet, floral fragrance of white tea. The mouthfeel is unusual in that it has a hint of cleansing astringency with no trace of bitterness. The main feature of boiled tea seeds is the pronounced, energizing, and balancing Qi. Boiled tea seeds are held to be good for digestion in folk Chinese remedies. We are honored and excited to offer this unique treasure of Fuding.