30g Yellow Twig 黃枝香

Chen Bingdu

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Yellow Twig (黃枝香, Huáng Zhī Xiāng, "Yellow Twig Fragrance") is one of the ten ancestral Phoenix Oolong varieties. It is characterized by its bronze color and twisted leaves. It is medium-oxidized, with a tropical fruit flavor and a satisfying deep huí gān 回甘 ("returning sweetness"). An intensely fragrant tea with a tempestuous character, redolent with the scent of cooked tropical fruit with slight caramel and butterscotch overtones. Steeping notes: This tea, when brewed quickly, carries a bright and easy sweetness. Steeped too long, it can become bitter and astringent. This tea is representative of the medium-oxidation Phoenix oolongs in that it can be challenging to brew, requiring great precision and skill, but the results, when successful, are outstanding.

2 Reviews

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    Great quality, great tea

    Posted by Ben Schorzman on Apr 15th 2024

    I love getting a package from West China Tea in the mail. Opening up the package and breathing in the wonderful dry tea smell. I've never had this tea before but it was recommended to me because of another purchase I've made and this didn't disappoint. The way it bloomed and changed with each infusion. The caramel color and floral, fruity notes with the hit of roast. Try it. It's wonderful.

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    heighten your elevational gradient!

    Posted by Jim Veteto on Oct 14th 2023

    It’s trendy for tea folks to talk about being ‘tea drunk’ but I’m here to declare that this Yellow Twig Dancong has made me ‘tea high’!....oh my….rip-rap fruity floral dry leaf aroma….deepens to hint-smoke when graced by water rinse….deep-orange-bronze-liquor-hue illuminating cup….kaleidoscope tropical citrus tang taste permeates generous steepings….wants to take you to the edge of chen pi rind bitter then pulls back….hui gan sweetness teasingly keeps the tongue simultaneously satisfied and wanting more, vibrating toward the tip….qi so bright and tingly the room reverberates mystical faerie light, freshening the eyes….spontaneously lifts me out of my chair, dancing alone….completely banishes late-afternoon doldrums forthwith toward dark dusty cracks at the edge of the room….nothing but joy here….TEA HIGH!