30g Zheng Yan Rou Gui 正岩肉桂

Xu Zheng Cong

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(正岩肉桂, Zhèng Yán Ròu Guì, "Orthodox Cliff Rou Gui") - Rou Gui is one of the most classic cultivars grown in the Wuyi Mountains. This year we have three different Rou Gui, distinguished from each other by location. This Rou Gui is from a less specific region than Horse Meat (which is a Rou Gui from Horse Head Cliff) and a more specific region than Gao Shan Rou Gui. Why do we have three different versions of the same tea? Because they're all good and have different nuances. The Zheng Yan Rou Gui has a deep, mineral, roasted character with leather, chocolate and dried fruit notes. If you've enjoyed Horse Meat or our other Rou Gui, you'll enjoy this. 

1 Review

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    Great yancha. Deep, intense, sweet, rocky

    Posted by Joseph on May 15th 2023

    I’ve given up trying to find great affordable Yancha, so here I am! Never had one from WCT I haven’t enjoyed and they sure know how to source them. When compared to other Zhengyan Rou Gui I’ve had I can confirm this is definitely good stuff. If you want to try a nice Rou Gui this is a great one to try. It has a great yan yun that is well embedded in the core of the tea, never really steeping out. I’m not sure when this was roasted but there IS a slight overwhelming taste i nthe first few steeps. It’s NOT bitter, nor astringent; but I seem to come across this often in Rou Gui. Quick steeps at high temps will help with this.