50 Mini Bings: Moonlight White Mini Bing 月光白小餅 BACKORDER

Li Shulin

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3,500.00 Grams
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Moonlight White Mini Bing (月光白小餅, Yuè Guāng Bǎi Xiǎo Bǐng, "Moonlight White Mini Bing") - This tea is a western version of the classical white tea Bái Mǔ Dān 白牡丹 (“White Peony”). While the white tea process originates in Fujian on the east coast of China, the style has been applied to Pu'er plants in the west. By harvesting a high ratio of buds to leaves and allowing the tea to air-dry without being cooked, Yunnan tea farmers have created a robust white tea with large downy white buds that maintains the earthy, floral character of the Pu'er tea plants as well as the delicate, fluffy mouthfeel. The name Moonlight White refers to the silver appearance of the buds among the darker leaves, as well as the fact that it is dried outside overnight, presumably exposing it to the light of the moon. A clear,sweet, gentle tea with surprisingly pronounced Qi.

This mini bing includes 100g of pressed tea. The base color of the wrapper is tan, indicating that it is a White Tea. The ring and bat are white, indicating that this tea is made from standard leaves.