400g 2018 Guo Zhi Fu Li Fu Zhuan Brick 國之茯禮茯磚

Mojun Fu Cha

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400.00 Grams

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2018 Guo Zhi Fu Li Fu Zhuan Brick (國之茯禮茯磚, Guó Zhī Fú Lǐ Fú Zhuān, "Fu Gift of the Nation Brick") - This distinctive line of Fu Cha from the Mojun Factory in Xi'an has the meaning of "Fu Gift of the Nation." Fu Zhuan from Xi'an has a higher burden for Jin Hua, "Golden Flower," mold than Anhua Fu Cha from Hunan. Eurotium cristatum is a micro-organism that has been the subject of many recent studies on the microbiota of the gut. It is unique to Fu Cha and highly-sought after.

This 400 gram brick is made from high grade Fu Cha harvested in 2018. It has a sweet, soothing character reminiscent of oatmeal, almonds, and warm earth. Delicate floral notes linger in the empty cup and on the exhale.