5 Villages Ancient Tree Sheng Flight

Li Shulin

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Nannuo Mt is famous for its abundance of ancient tea trees, referred to as gǔ shù ,古樹. The tea harvested from these ancient trees is called Gushu Cha 古树茶, and is prized for its strong Qi and lack of astringency found in Sheng Pu’er from younger plants.

There are several distinct patches among the villages on the mountain with their own unique terroir, each imparting a different extraordinary experience. Here we present a tour of the tea arbors of Nannuo Mt: 

Duoyi Village: the highest patch on Nannuo Mountain, at 1950 meters, home to some of the oldest trees on the mountain. Famous for producing the sweetest teas on Nannuo.

Banpo Village: home to Nannuo Mountain's Cha Wang 茶王 "Tea King", an 800-year old tree of exceptional size that was never cut. Famous for having the most fragrant tea on Nannuo Mountain.

Shitou Village: also known as "Stone Village", the tea from this patch is prized for its bitterness.

Immortal Dew: a blend of Duoyi, Shitou, and Banpo Village Gushu Cha that harmoniously blends the sweet, bitter, and fragrant characters of those teas into a complex tapestry.

Yakou Village: between Duoyi and Banpo, this patch produces Sheng Pu’er with a distinctive citrusy fragrance.