500g Hidden From The Gods 仙難尋 WHOLESALE

Lin Yaobin

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500.00 Grams

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Hidden From The Gods (仙難尋, Xiān Nán Xún, "Hard for the Immortals to Find") is a family breed, first developed by Lin Yaobin's grandfather, who cultivated a plant that he found on their property. The name implies that it's so rare that even supernatural beings cannot taste the likes of it. This tea family has been propagating clones of this plant for three generations, but have never sold clones, only leaves. This adds to the rarity of the tea because it can't be acquired from anyone but them. This tea exhibits fragrance notes of dried sour cherry and white mulberry with a backend sweetness like kettle corn. It yields a rosy liquor, and has a dynamic flavor evolving from seared nectarine to peach cobbler to musk melon candy.