50g 2019 Yiwu Shu Pu'er 左撇子易武熟普洱

Li Shulin

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50.00 Grams

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2019 Southpaw Yiwu Shu Pu'er Bing (左撇子易武熟普洱, Zuǒpiēzi Yì Wǔ Shú Pǔ'ěr, "Southpaw Yiwu Shu Pu'er") - A small-factory tea produced from a one ton fermentation batch of Yiwu tea, sourced for us by Cai Junqiong, wife of Li Shulin, from a family friend of hers. This tea is smooth and mild and lacks the distinctive character of our smaller-scale production single-mountain Nannuo and Man Le teas, but cleaner than large factory cakes. This is a great introductory tea for those unfamiliar with the taste of fermented tea, available at a much lower price point than our more artisan teas. This tea can be steeped at high temperature and high dosage without becoming bitter or unpalatable.