50g 2018 Himalaya Fu Zhuan 喜馬拉雅茯磚

Mojun Fu Cha

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2018 Himalaya Fuzhuan (喜馬拉雅茯磚, Xǐmǎlāyǎ Fú Zhuān, "Himalaya Fu Brick") - Fuzhuan refers to a style of Hei Cha (fermented tea) made with late-harvested leafy tea. The resulting puffiness of the brick pressed from it allows for air to enter the interior of the brick. These unique conditions make this brick host to a specific species of mold called Eurotium cristatum, known as Jin Hua 金花 ("Golden Flower") in China, which appears as a pollen-like yellow "dust" inside of the brick. This prized mold is not found on any other type of tea and is associated with a host of beneficial effects that are currently being researched. 

Fuzhuan can be produced in both Hunan and Shanxi - the Shanxi version has more mold associated with it. The bricks are usually 900 grams but these miniature 200 gram bricks are perfect for people who want to enjoy the tea now or save it to age.