50g Panying White 盤英白茶

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Panying White (盤英白茶, Pán Yīng Bái Chá, "Panying White Tea") - This remarkable white tea comes to us from Master Lin of the Panying Mountains, also the source of our Master's Green, Lao Gong Xiang Yellow, and Hong Tu Si. This tea is produced from local Guizhou breeds using traditional regional techniques that involve harvesting the whole apex of the plant - leaves, buds, and stem - and a long withering phase that develops the complex flavors and character of the tea. It is fresh and complex, with notes of yellow cake, vanilla, and a light but undefined fruity aroma - like a bite of pineapple upside-down cake with no pineapple in it. The Qi is like a descending curtain of sparks, drifting from the trunk and shoulders down into the legs and lower body.