50g Sticky Rice Shu Pu'er 糯米香熟普洱

Li Shulin

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Sticky Rice Shu Pu'er (糯米香熟普洱, Nuò Mǐ Xiāng Shú Pǔ'ěr, "Sticky Rice Fragrance Ripened Pu'er") - This traditional style of scented Pu'er is popular with the Báizú 白族 ("Bai Ethnicity") minority peoples of Yunnan. Starting with high quality xiǎo duī zi 小堆子 ("small-pile") fermented Pu'er leaves from Nannuo Mountain, the tea is scented with the leaves of Nuò Mǐ Xiāng, an herb with a sweet cereal fragrance reminiscent of fresh cooked glutinous rice. The herb is said to aid in digestion, and complements the rich earthy character of Nannuo Shu Pu'er. It produces a dark, red-brown infusion combining the loamy depth of Shu with the pleasant toasted grain aroma of the sticky rice fragrance plant, set against a background of characteristic Nannuo Mountain minerality.

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    sticky rice pu'er

    Posted by eric on Oct 7th 2022

    I enjoyed this tea the flavor it has and the good after taste that stays on your tongue is very enjoyable. I would like to know how west China tea brews this tea beyond the recommended time and temp on the package. just wanting to see how to get the most out of this wonderful tea