50g Su Mao Feng 素毛峰

Ding Ding Xiang

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Su Mao Feng (素毛峰, Sù Máo Fēng, “Plain Hairy Peak”) is ubiquitous in Sichuan’s capital city of Chengdu. It is enjoyed in homes, offices, and in Chengdu’s dozens of riverside open-air tea houses, where it is second on the tea menu after Zhú Yè Qīng. Visiting friends or relatives are usually served the more expensive Zhú Yè Qīng, but locals prefer to drink Sù Máo Fēng for its full, robust flavor and bright green liquor. It is made of the leaves and buds of the E’mei tea plants, and the downy appearance of the white buds against the green leaves gives it its name. Its flavor is rich, sweet, and grassy with a soft floral fragrance and luminous emerald infusion.

3 Reviews

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    Su Mao Feng Order

    Posted by Romee St John on Mar 17th 2022

    Order was filled and arrived in a timely manner. I am relatively new to loose leaf tea, but I prepared this tea according to the instructions on the bag and along with So Han's Green tea tutorial on Youtube. It came out amazing! Buttery, nutty, spinachy?, and smooth. I don't usually like spinach, but I think I am addicted. Highly recommend. Will be sharing with friends and family.

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    mao feng (ordered February 2021)

    Posted by Alec on Mar 7th 2022

    Looks just like Bi Lo Chun. Similar taste too, greens, slight fruitiness/floral quality. Very pleasant.

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    Ding Ding xiang

    Posted by Adrianne on Jan 29th 2021

    This tea is excellent! I felt so energized and full of joy! I got 15 steepings by slowly increasing the water temperature.