50g Unfolding Path Cave Aged White 弘道白茶

Du Yun

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50.00 Grams

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Unfolding Path Cave Aged White (弘道白茶, Hóng Dào Bái Chá, "Unfolding Path White Tea") - This tea comes from Du Yun in central Guizhou, just southeast of the capital, Guiyang. Though the local variety that this tea is from does not have a proper name, it is a high elevation small-leaf varietal that grows at about 1200m. The tea is first processed with a sun-withering until partially dry, it is then very gently massaged. Once this is complete, the tea is stored in ceramic jars and then cured in a cave near the fields for 1-2 days. It’s fragrance is characterized by sweet, syrupy white grape and molasses notes with a deep lingering hazelnut "nutella" character. Its flavor is mild and reminiscent of apricot and champagne and a soft, slightly sweet redwood duff finish. The Qi is expansive and stimulating, matching its name.