30g Unfolding Path Cave Aged White 弘道白茶

Du Yun

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Unfolding Path Cave Aged White (弘道白茶, Hóng Dào Bái Chá, "Unfolding Path White Tea") - This tea comes from Du Yun in central Guizhou, just southeast of the capital, Guiyang. Though the local variety that this tea is from does not have a proper name, it is a high elevation small-leaf varietal that grows at about 1200m. The tea is first processed with a sun-withering until partially dry, it is then very gently massaged. Once this is complete, the tea is stored in ceramic jars and then cured in a cave near the fields for 1-2 days. It’s fragrance is characterized by sweet, syrupy white grape and molasses notes with a deep lingering hazelnut "nutella" character. Its flavor is mild and reminiscent of apricot and champagne and a soft, slightly sweet redwood duff finish. The Qi is expansive and stimulating, matching its name.

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    Qi is bomb

    Posted by Cole Jones on Sep 17th 2021

    The dry leaf smelled like nuttella, the taste was mild and soothing and like how champagne smells alittle, but that qi after the session was amazing. Idk what happened but it was VERY energizing and raised my mood and spirit way up. Amazing tea to drink before work if you do physical labor.