5g 2012 Mini Tuo Cha Shu Pu'er 熟茶小沱

Li Shulin

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5.00 Grams

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2012 Mini Tuo Cha Shu Pu'er (熟茶小沱, Shú Chá Xiǎo Tuó, "Ripened Tea Little Tuo") - These convenient single-serving Shu Pu'er tuos are pressed into a miniature version of the classic Tuo shape. Often described as looking like a bird's nest or a bowl, the Tuo is an ancient shape that is famously associated with Pu'er from the Xiaguan factory. Miniature Tuos have been used for decades as a way of making use of the smaller, more broken leaves that result from the wet piling process used to ferment Shu (ripe) Pu'er.

These Tuos are made from the broken grade of high-quality Nannuo mountain Shu Pu'er, fermented in the artisanal Xiao Dui Zi (small pile) method by Master Li Shulin. The smaller leaf size quickly loosens up, yielding 3-5 dark, full-bodied infusions quickly. A perfect "pocket tea," these mini Tuos can be stored in a purse, bag, or fanny-pack so that you can have tea anywhere you encounter hot water. Because they break up more quickly than a coin or Dragon Ball, they are also excellent for steeping in an open cup or mug, since they quickly sink to the bottom, eliminating the need for a strainer.