70 Mini Bings: Unto Truth Mini Bing 至真野生白茶小餅 WHOLESALE

Heng Yi

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3,500.00 Grams

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Unto Truth Mini Bing (至真野生白茶小餅, Zhì Zhēn Yě Shēng Bái Chá Xiǎo Bǐng, "Unto Truth Wild White Mini Bing") is another exquisite white tea from tea master Heng Yi of Mabian, Sichuan. Like Inner Sun and Emily, this is a white tea made from wild tea plants. Heng Yi has identified 20 different "families" of wild tea plants that live in the forests of Mabian. In recent years he has started separating the harvests of these different teas and processing them into different white teas. While Emily is made from a family of plants that are charateristically purple, Inner Sun and Unto Truth are made from distinct subgroups that show only subtle phenotypic differences visually - leaf shape, color, serration, growth pattern - but produce remarkably different teas. 

Unto Truth has a cool bright quality, like liquid moonlight; where Inner Sun is "fuzzy", Unto Truth is "shiny." The cooling, refreshing energy of this tea is expansive and centered on the heart and solar plexus. Where Inner Sun is comforting, Unto Truth is invigorating. Where Inner Sun is grounding and relaxing, Unto Truth is radiant and uplifting. 

The flavor is clear and sweet, with a white grape juice flavor and a fragrance with an elusive scent of clove or mulled wine (just a tiny bit). The lid-fragrance transitions from fresh-baked bread to plum syrup.