Ai Pan Crimson Clay Teapot 矮潘宜興朱泥壺

Xiao Zhu Xuan

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108.00 Grams

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Ai Pan Crimson Clay Teapot (矮潘宜興朱泥壺, Ǎi Pān Yíxìng Zhū Ní Hú, "Short Pan Yixing Crimson Clay Teapot) - This classical, elegant shape is called Ai Pan, Ai 矮 meaning "short" and Pan 潘 just means the name Pan - both the Chinese surname as well as the faun deity of ancient Greek myth. Obsolete meanings of this word include "whirlpool" or "overflow", which might relate to the unique lid shape, which has a compressed shallow bulge that tapers to a flat edge. The round body and straight spout make this robust little teapot suitable for expansive teas like aged white tea, rolled Taiwanese and Anxi oolongs, and pressed Pu'er and heicha. This diminutive pot holds 110 ml, perfect for 2-3 people.