Black Sand Crimson Side Handle Teapot Set

Ya Shao

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974.00 Grams

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This striking tea set features a round side-handle pot made of Yingjing Black Sand clay from Sichuan. This handmade, coal-fired set features the characteristic black Yingjing pine ash glaze accented by a blood red glaze on the lid of the pot and the interior of the cups. The interior of the pot is unglazed black sand clay, and will take on the flavor and character of tea steeped in it. The pot has an elegant pour and holds heat remarkably well, the hallmark of Black Sand wares. The high temperature of Yingjing's unique coal-firing ceramic tradition, which dates back more than two millennia, causes the natural pine needle ash glaze to melt and bubble, giving it its unique volcanic-looking surface. We are very honored to be able to offer this beautiful and distinctive wares.