Black Sand Meteor Teapot Set

Ya Shao

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842.00 Grams

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We named this set "Meteor" because the pot that is its centerpiece looks as though its been hurtling through space for millions of years. The round, Dragon Egg-style pot is supported by four cylindrical, ridged cups that are glazed with the characteristic black pine needle glaze of Yingjing inside and out. The pot is covered with this glaze on the outside, but the interior remains unglazed, and the pot will absorb the flavor of tea made in it and improve over time. This pot pours beautifully and holds heat extremely well - a hallmark of Yingjing's Black Sand wares. Black Sand clay represents the only native, distinctive gong fu teaware tradition of Sichuan, and it produces some of the most unique and unusual tea ware in the world.