Black Sand Side Handle Teapot Set

Ya Shao

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980.00 Grams

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This unique tea set is fully hand-made from the famous Black Sand Clay of Yingjing, Sichuan. The teapot is a rounded, side-handle teapot paired with four tall cups with ridges that mirror those in the body of the pot. All are coated with the distinctive, coarse, black pine needle ash glaze that characterizes Yingjing Black Sand wares. The cups feature an additional layer of wood ash glaze in their interior. The interior of the pot is unglazed, and the naked clay body will gradually take on the flavor and character of tea made in it, improving the pot. Black Sand clay is fired with coal at very high temperature, and the bubbling of the pine ash as it melts creates the distinctive pitted texture of these wares. Black Sand clay is very dense and holds heat extremely well. This pot pours beautifully and the texture of the handle and the cups are most satisfying to the touch.