Butter Pat Sheng Pu'er S.L.A.B. 牛油片生普洱

Li Shulin

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8.00 Grams
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Butter Pat Sheng Pu'er S.L.A.B. (牛油片生普洱, Niú Yóu Piàn Shēng Pǔ'ěr, "Butter Slice Sheng Pu'er") - This delightful little 8 gram slice of 2022 sheng is from an early spring harvest from 3 different mountains: Nannuo, Bada, and Leida, which are all adjacent to each other. By blending tea from different mountains, Li Shulin has achieved a tea fresh, zesty, fruity taste with very little bitterness or astringency. A great introduction to sheng pu er for those new to the genre, and sure to attract lots of attention if you bring it out at a party.