Chaozhou Crimson Clay Pomelo Teapot 潮州朱泥文旦壺

Xiao Zhu Xuan

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63.00 Grams

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Chaozhou Crimson Clay Pomelo Teapot (潮州朱泥文旦壺, Cháozhōu Zhūní Wéndàn Hú, "Chaozhou Crimson Clay Pomelo Pot") - This beautiful, tiny pot is modeled after the pomelo, a giant Chinese citrus that is the ancestor of the grapefruit. This beloved Chinese fruit lends its squishy shape to this charming pot, which is hand-thrown out of Chaozhou clay by master Cheng Zhu of Xiao Zhu Xuan studio. This 85 ml pot is perfect for solo sessions with a Master's cup or Chaozhou-style tea service for small groups.