Concrete Chanchu Toad Tea Pet

Henry Lipkis

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100.00 Grams

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These poured concrete Chanchu tea pets are custom made for us by New Orleans-based artist and frogsmith Henry Lipkis. Chanchu, the three-legged moon toad of Chinese mythology, is one of the most popular subjects for tea pets. The legend goes that Chanchu comes from the moon, and was the pet of one of the eight immortals. One day Chanchu fell down a well and their master retrieved them by tying a Chinese coin to a string and lowering it into the well. Being from the moon, Chanchu is attracted to round shiny objects and bit onto the coin and refused to let go. Their master was able to haul Chanchu up out of the well. 
Based on this story, Chanchu is often depicted holding a coin in their mouth. They are seen as good luck symbols that invite wealth, and are often prominently featured in Chinese homes and businesses - ideally not facing the door. 
This custom Chanchu is made of unpainted concrete and has a pale complexion that quickly stains to a complex dark patina when served tea (see images for a side by side comparison between a baby and mature Chanchu). They have been designed so that you can put your own coin in their mouth.