Dai Bamboo Handle Justice Cup 傣陶竹柄公道杯

Liang Tu Studio

$275.00 - $320.00
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292.00 Grams
250-300 mL on average

Dai Bamboo Handle Justice Cup (傣陶竹柄公道杯, Dǎi Táo Zhúbǐng Gōngdào Bēi, "Bamboo Handle Justice Cup") - This iconic Gong Dao Bei, or Justice Cup, is one of the flagship designs of Liang Tu Studio in Xishuangbanna. The hand-thrown vessel is made of Dai clay and features the same drip-free spout found on Liang Tu's handleless ceramic justice cups. The addition of a long, sturdy handle made of natural bamboo extends the reach of the tea server, allowing them to serve at a larger table. These justice cups also have a higher than average capacity, so that multiple infusions from the same pot can be combined to serve larger groups. The combination of reach, volume, and high-performance pour make this a perfect tool for serving at parties or large gatherings. 

This is an indispensable tool for a professional tea server. We are only able to get these once or twice a year, because the quality, strength, and size of bamboo needed to make the handles for these is hard to come by.  Each of these justice cups are handmade and completely unique, with an average capacity of 250-300 ml.

Justice cups are lidless spouted vessels that are used for serving the tea into cups after being decanted from a teapot or gaiwan, homogenizing the concentration of tea so that all guests receive the same strength of tea.