Dai Engraved Lotus Petal Gaiwan

Dai Xiang Studio

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200.00 Grams
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This studio makes the finest unglazed gaiwans we've seen. Dai Xiang is located in the heart of Jinghong, capital of Xishuangbanna, Austin's sister city in China. They continue the ancient pottery tradition of the Dai people, one of China's 57 official ethnic groups and the majority population in Xishuangbanna. Their work incorporates traditional Dai motifs, techniques, and clay to make stunning unglazed wares.

This elegant piece features a bold stylized lotus petal motif on the bowl and lid. The lotus symbolizes transcendence in Buddhist imagery and is carved in relief. While the piece in this photo has a white kiln mark, most of these gaiwans are a dark monochrome. This 190-200 ml gaiwan is unglazed inside and out and will absorb the character of tea made in it; for that reason we recommend dedicating it to a particular type or category of tea.