Fang Gu Crimson Clay Teapot 宜興朱泥仿古壺

Xiao Zhu Xuan

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123.00 Grams

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Fang Gu Crimson Clay Teapot (宜興朱泥仿古壺, Yíxìng Zhū Ní Fǎnggǔ Hú, "Yixing Crimson Clay Ancient Style Pot") - This teapot design is called Fang Gu meaning "In the Ancient Style". It is made of Yixing crimson clay and displays a beautiful texture and a robust, compressed shape. It has a volume of 130 ml, easily serving 3-5 people, and is well-suited to Red teas and oolongs, as well as Shu Pu'er and compressed Yellow teas.