Flat Xishi Yixing Da Hong Pao Crimson Clay Teapot 扁西施宜興大紅袍朱泥茶壺

Xiao Zhu Xuan

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116.00 Grams
85 mL

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Flat Xi Shi Yixing Da Hong Pao Crimson Clay Teapot (扁西施宜興大紅袍朱泥茶壺, Biǎn Xī Shī Yíxìng Dà Hóng Páo Zhūní Chá Hú, "Flat Xi Shi Yixing Big Red Robe Crimson Clay Teapot") - A compressed version of the Xi Shi pot, one of the most classical Chinese teapot shapes. This teapot is made from Da Hong Pao "Big Red Robe," a famous specie of the celebrated Zhūní 朱泥 ("crimson clay") of Yixing. This fine stoneware has been harvested to the point of commercial extinction; modern Zhu Ni pots are produced from legacy batches of Zhu Ni that have been aging to maturity since being mined from the earth. These pots are hand-thrown in the Chaozhou style by Master Chen Zhu of Xiao Zhu Xuan studio. 

This flattened Xishi pot bears the rich crimson color and resonant tone of its famous clay. The flattened shape of this pot makes it excellent for concentrating the flavor of teas, by maximizing the amount of water that is in contact with the leaves. Due to the porosity of the clay, this pot should be dedicated to a single type or category of tea. The clay will absorb the flavor and character of the tea and amplify those aspects, improving the tea after many uses. 

This pot can be used for any high or medium-temperature tea. It is especially suitable for Wuyi Oolongs, Red Teas, and fermented Pu'er.

1 Review

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    lovely little teapot

    Posted by Aspen Berube on Jun 16th 2022

    I've been saving funds and waiting a long time for the perfect yixing teapot to begin my collection (good quality teaware is hard to come by in rural Maine!) I couldn't be happier with my choice! The crimson clay is soft to the touch and warm to the eye. Lovely to hold and pretty to pour with and the tea liquor it produces with my oolong is hands down the most superior brew I've ever had. It's said that a good pot is transformative to a great cup of tea, and this pot just proves it true.