Green Tea Collection 2024

West China Tea

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110.00 Grams
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Green tea is the most essential type of tea, and also one of the most misunderstood. Rare is the person who hasn’t experienced a bitter cup of green tea. When properly steeped, however, fresh green tea is one of nature’s great luxuries. This collection of green teas encompases every single green tea we have recieved this year. Refined, Eastern-Chinese green teas represented by Long Jing and Taiping Houkui. Sublime and masterfully crafted wild Mabian cultivars such as Welcoming Spring, Cherished spring, and Underworld Orchid from tea master Heng Yi. The more informal, vernacular style found in Western China personified by Su Mao Feng from E'mei Mt along with its jasmine compliments. Finally, the unusual and unorthodox methods of Guizhou tea masters honed over centuries in relative isolation from the larger Chinese tea-producing community in Southwestern China are embodied by Guan Guan Cha and Tai Cha Maojian.

Included in this flight:

10g Pre-Rain Longjing

10g Ming Qian Longjing 

10g Taiping Houkui

10g Welcoming Spring 

10g Cherished Spring

10g Underworld Orchid

10g Su Mao Feng 

10g Floating Snow 

10g Heaven's Cloud Snow Jasmine

10g Guan Guan Cha 

10g Tai Cha Maojian