Green Tea Sampler Pack

West China Tea

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90.00 Grams

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By popular request, we’ve put together a sampler pack of nine of our farm-direct Chinese green teas. These teas are sourced from 3 different farms from the Western Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Guizhou. This bundle includes beloved classics Welcoming Spring, Su Mao Feng, and Esmeralda, as well as new additions Guan Guan Cha, Taicha Maojian, Heaven’s Cloud, Jade Bud, Underworld Orchid, and Mabian Gan Lu. All are Spring 2022 harvests with the exception of Heaven’s Cloud, which is a Fall 2021 harvested high grade jasmine tea from E’mei Mountain in Sichuan. Take a tour of the rare, obscure, and idiosyncratic teas of Western China.