Ice Jade Porcelain Gaiwan

Le Tao

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Dehua, Fujian is the source of some of the finest porcelain in China. Traditionally a center of sculptural porcelain, much attention is paid to the texture and quality of the unglazed clay body. 

Ice jade porcelain is made from very pure kaolin combined with flux in a specific ratio. This gives the pieces their luminous quality. Compared with our Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain wares, they are lighter, thinner, smoother in texture, and more translucent. 

This 85 milliliter gaiwan glows beautifully, holds heat well, and is a joy for the fingertips. Although it is unglazed, high-fire porcelain is fully vitrified and does not permanently incorporate the tea steeped in it. Therefore it does not need to be dedicated, and is suitable for any kind of tea.

1 Review

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    Best gaiwan

    Posted by Joseph on Mar 9th 2022

    I've gotten 7 plain white gaiwans now trying to find the "perfect gaiwan" and none of them were "it". This one's the one. It has a beautiful aesthetic that comes from its simplicity in design and complex texture. It's comfortable to hold, has a perfect size for single-servings, retains heat well, and pours nicely. There really isn't anything bad about it. Normally i'd be apprehensive to spending $130 on a Gaiwan but everything about this really elevates it above normal glazed wares. I'd highly recommend grabbing this over a glazed Gaiwan, this piece feels alive and has a dynamic aspect to it.