Ice Jade Porcelain Winter Cup

Le Tao

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60.00 Grams
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Dehua, Fujian is the source of some of the finest porcelain in China. Traditionally a center of sculptural porcelain, much attention is paid to the texture and quality of the unglazed clay body. 

Ice jade porcelain is made from very pure kaolin combined with flux in a specific ratio. This gives the pieces their luminous quality. Compared with our Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain wares, they are lighter, thinner, smoother in texture, and more translucent. 

These 15 milileter cups showcase the translucent beauty of the medium with their elegant, high-waisted shape. These tall cups are favored in the winter because they hold heat better than a wider-mouthed cup. The warm, unglazed porcelain is a pleasure to hold and to drink from.