Ice Jade Xishi Teapot

Le Tao

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Dehua, Fujian is the source of some of the finest porcelain in China. Traditionally a center of sculptural porcelain, much attention is paid to the texture and quality of the unglazed clay body. 

Ice jade porcelain is made from very pure kaolin combined with flux in a specific ratio. This gives the pieces their luminous quality. Compared with our Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain wares, they are lighter, thinner, smoother in texture, and more translucent. 

This ~150 ml teapot is a Xishi pot, one of the most famous tea pot forms. Modeled after the breasts of the Imperial Concubine Xishi, one of classical China's four renowned beauties, the round shape of the pot extends beyond its Freudian appeal because the highly-efficient shape allows for full expansion of leaves and convection of water. This beautiful Xishi pot features an incredibly fine, expanded golf-ball style filter for a graceful, powerful pour that is nearly impossible to clog. The feeling of the pot with its soft matte texture is irresistible, especially when it's warm. We dare you not to rub your face on it.